Larger-than-life images

Do you want a home cinema integrated by audiovisual system integrator Integration at home, with larger than life-images and bombastic sound? Then you are at Integration at home at the right place. A cinema at home is hot and we are the right partner on the right spot.

From dream to deed

A home cinema in mind? Nice project, but…

  • Do you have a suitable space?
  • Do you already have some equipment available?
  • Do you have any idea of the technology required?
  • what budget have you planned?

No answers yet? Not bad, audiovisual system integrator Integration at home can provide them to you. We have home cinema specialists. Years of experience and technical know-how, coupled with a passion for integrated systems and HiFi. Via KNX and Control4, our automation system suppliers, you can enjoy home cinema as if you were sitting in a real cinema.

Top brands guarantee a true-to-life home cinema experience. We work with StormAudio, Procella Audio, B&W Bowers & Wilkins, Barco, Triad Speakers, LG, Samsung, Sony, Marantz, Denon, Artnovion, Anthem, Reavon, Zappiti, Kaleidescape, Rel Acoustics.

Every problem gets a solution, with impeccable workmanship and smooth after-sales service.


Interested? Fine. We will visit you at your request for advice, a study or a quotation. Or would you like a demonstration in one of our showrooms? Book an appointment and be overwhelmed by the power and splendour of home cinema.

Storm Audio

Products: Processors, Power amplifiers

Storm Audio is specialised in finding the best quality of your home cinema sound. We don’t just search, we also develop the best processors and amplifiers to make the unique characteristics of sound and music shine.

Procella Audio

Product range: Speakers, Subwoofers, Amplifiers, Professional Cinema, Upstairs Screen

Procella audio… a stunner in the world of amplifiers, speakers, subwoofers and home cinema. Procella Audio is designed to reproduce all sounds, from a sweet songbird to a roaring storm. And everything in between. Classical music, rock, pop or the music of the latest blockbuster? Procella Audio adds an extra dimension to every sound…

B&W Bowers & Wilkins

Products: loudspeakers, wireless speakers, headphones

Bowers & Wilkins… or the pursuit of the perfect loudspeaker. Our engineers continue to work on the best possible sound. Whether it is through innovative use of our materials such as Kevlar and Diamond or in the search for new solutions to technological challenges.

Home Cinema Modules

Products: Projectors

Designed for movie lovers, Barco offers the best cinema experience at home, both in terms of image quality and exclusivity. Barco brings the world’s best projectors to the best home theatres and media rooms.

Triad Speakers

Products: Speakers

Triad Speakers, a giant in speakers for your home cinema. Beauty is not only in the image, but also in the sound. Hear it, feel it, love it.


Products: Home Cinema Projectors

LG Business Solutions creates innovative and high quality laser projectors and Ultra HD TVs.  The devices are Crestron Connected® and are specially designed for professional and business activities.


Products: Home Cinema Projectors

Businesses, hotels and healthcare facilities can use Samsung’s commercial TVs to  present (personalised) information. The implemented solutions are scalable and integrate seamlessly with the system integrators.


Products: Home Cinema Projectors

Sony, a name like a bell. Phenomenal screen quality for your home cinema. Watch films as if you were playing along, experience matches as if you were live and enter a game as if you were in the middle of it. Brilliant colours and spectacular contrasts give your viewing experience a major boost.


Products: Amplifiers,  AV Receivers, AV Servers, Turntables, CD Players, Network Audio Players

Modern musical luxury – that’s Marantz. Originating in the melting pot of New York, Marantz turntables, amplifiers, network audio players and AV receivers breathe an international mix of cultures. The musical world at home on your plate with the best materials to fully immerse yourself in that music.


Products: Home Theatre, Hi-Fi, Speakers, Headphones, HEOS

Denon: powerful name, powerful equipment. Speakers, Hi-Fi, home cinema and headphones that carry sound throughout your home. The word Denon sound takes on meaning when you watch a film or listen to music. A favour to be able to listen to pure art.


Products: Acoustics

Artnovion, the bearer of acoustic passion. Passion for sound, passion for performance. We break through sound walls to develop unique and trendy sound products. Artnovion combines art and innovation to create elegant sounds.


Looking for a high-end Blu-ray player? Then you have come to the right place with the Reavon brand. With models like UBX-X100, UBR-X110 and UBR-X200, you are guaranteed a unique sound and visual experience.


Zappiti designs and manufactures media players and audio-video servers. The brand stands for high quality, excellent performance and the best possible user experience.


Kaleidescape takes every element in your theatre to the next level with more reliable source material for the ultimate cinematic experience.


Kaleidescape takes every element in your theatre to the next level with more reliable source material for the ultimate cinematic experience.