Simplicity, aesthetics and evolution

Simplicity, aesthetics and evolution. The strengths of Integration at home. In short: simple operation, aesthetically integrated into your home and ready for future developments.

Simplicity and transparency

Simplicity and transparency, that is Integration at home. No matter how complex the technology, you can operate it with simple actions. Comfort is at your fingertips. A simple push for domestic convenience and happiness.

Get rid of your remote controls, thermostat, alarm keypad, videophone or music devices. We replace them with one simple touch screen. One!

Operate electrical appliances or security cameras from the comfort of your sofa. Turn on your TV from your kitchen table. Simple and clear.

Aesthetic integration

Aesthetic integration Or in other words: Integration at home excels in… invisibility. Our systems are so integrated into your home that you do not even see them. How do we do that? With discreet enclosures, centralised control and distribution. The technology blends into the design and architecture.

We work with an eye for aesthetics. Integration at home Does not like visible cables, flashy surface-mounted gutters and unnecessary grinding or cutting work. Or what did you think?

We draw up a simple, structured, future-oriented and reliable cabling plan in advance. Of course we use a cable type that is suitable for all applications: Proximus TV, Telenet, Voo, Telesat, HDMI, infrared,…

Then comes the foundation of our company: installing high-end automation products while respecting the beauty of the room. How? This can be done in many ways:

  • unobtrusive in-wall speakers
  • a projector in an automated ceiling console
  • TV lift systems
  • etc.

Ask, we will make it!

Evolution and safety

Evolution and safety are incorporated into all our installations. Technology does not stand still, and neither do we. Integration at home provides every home with sufficient cabling to smoothly integrate future evolutions.

Our automation projects are based on the KNX standard, a communication protocol supported by more than 400 manufacturers worldwide. Control4’s systems are also ideal for meeting your automation requirements. Because we are independent of brands, we can freely select components for the necessary applications.

Technological evolution also thinks about your safety in many ways. For example, set your systems to the script ‘holiday’ and they will simulate your constant presence while you are on the beach in Spain. Connect your alarm system and burglars are neatly highlighted when they are in your house. Or how about our servers that back up all your digital data? Integration at home is more than ever also safety at home!

From study to automation

From study to automation, this is how Integration at home. We first carry out a comprehensive study of your house. What do you need? What does your house need? How can we synchronise systems? These are questions we ask you and ourselves.

But you notice it everywhere: automation is gaining ground fast. From digital media storage and responsible energy use to operating your shutters. Your home grows through technology. And technology is growing through new developments all the time. With Integration at home, you are in the front row: from study to automation!

Within and outside Belgium

Integration at home… and abroad. Our technology is also known and sought after in France, Luxembourg and Morocco.