System integrator of Home Security

Integration at home is the system integrator for home security. A safe house to live in is a nice house to live in. And this is possible with the most advanced and integrated systems. They see you, but you hardly see them.

A safe place to stay

Integration at home is concerned about your safety. The more insecurity increases in society, the more people search for a safe place to stay. A place that they furnish according to their own discretion, their quality standards and their safety expectations. It’s only logical: it gives you peace of mind when your home is properly equipped.



Integration at home helps you. Via KNX and Control4, we work with detection systems, alarm signalling, camera equipment, lighting points and doorbell communication. Handig bestuurd met digitale tools, zodat u altijd en overal ziet wie en wat er zich rond uw eigendom beweegt.Via KNX and Control4, we work with detection systems, alarm signalling, camera equipment, light points and doorbell communication. 

What’s worse… Our safety systems blend right in with your home environment. You hardly see them and unwanted visitors do not even know they are being watched. 

The Big Brother of your home? That is you!


Do you want to secure your environment? Do not hesitate, contact Integration at home. We scan your house or business, find the weak spots and draw up a customised plan. Integration at home takes care of your safety at home.


Producten: BeveiligiHome integration ensures your safety at home.ngscontrolesystemen, Bewegingsdetectoren en Sirenes

Modern security is more than hardware. Texecom offers leading technology solutions, alarm communication, full support and a wide range of digital tools to secure businesses and private homes.


Product range: Speakers, Subwoofers, Amplifiers, Professional Cinema, Upstairs Screen

Procella Audio… a stunner in the world of amplifiers, speakers, subwoofers and home cinema. Procella Audio is designed to reproduce all sounds, from a sweet songbird to a roaring storm. And everything in between. Classical music, rock, pop or the music of the latest blockbuster? Procella Audio adds an extra dimension to every sound…


Products: Intrusion verification

Hikvision’s IVaaS technology provides high-quality video clips as forensic evidence, making it easier to arrest a suspected intruder and recover losses.