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System integrator of Texecom

A complete range of security solutions and services.

Integration at home is the system integrator of Texecom.  From comprehensive and innovative security control systems, to award-winning commercial-grade wireless technology, to communications with alarms. Discover how Texecom’s extensive range of security products and solutions is the trusted choice of audiovisual system integrator Integration at home. You can rest assured that you are protected with state-of-the-art, rigorously certified, industry-leading performance.

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Security control systems

The Premier Elite series offers a single, comprehensive system architecture and a range of peripherals. This can scale from the simplest and smallest to the largest and most complex security applications.

With a common programming platform, interoperable wired and wireless peripherals, design flexibility and integration capabilities, the Premier Elite Series provides a high-performance security solution for applications around the world.

Digital Services

Interact, control and integrate your Premier Elite security system like never before. With Texecom Connect, you can control your alarm system directly on a tablet or smartphone, anywhere in the world.

Texecom Cloud provides your company with the tools to manage, configure and control your alarm system portfolio.

Motion detectors

Form or function?
Most motion detectors compromise one for the other. Do not commit. Texecom’s design team started with the perfect optical geometry for motion detection. The team developed a beautifully minimalist, unobtrusive design that celebrates rather than conceals its optical prowess.

The result?
Form and function, performance and aesthetics, perfectly combined to surpass the requirements of modern security.

Odyssey X external sirens

Illuminate your logo, elevate your brand and provide security of the highest quality. The Odyssey X-Series brings innovation and a modern twist to remote sirens, with unmatched performance and extensive features for both installers and end users.

Each Odyssey X features a new innovative graphic insert for the ultimate in installer branding*. These custom designed photo quality graphic inserts are available directly from Texecom and replace traditional screen printing. This improves quality and both installers and distributors no longer need expensive customised screen prints.

Ricochet wireless technology

The range of a wireless Ricochet system is greater than previous systems. With multiple devices that can relay messages to and from even the most remote locations in a building.

Each Ricochet device provides signalling routes to and from Texecom Premier configuration screens. If the wireless connection between two devices should weaken, the network recovers and communication is automatically re-routed via alternative Ricochet-compatible devices. The more Ricochet-compatible devices are installed, the greater the reliability of the system.


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