System integrator of Doorbird


Technology meets Design

Integration at Home is the system integrator of Doorbird.   DoorBird… the ideal intercom for Integration at home. Why? DoorBird is the reference when it comes to ‘front door communication’. Quite simply, with your smartphone or tablet you can see who is ringing the bell and speak to them, let them in or send them away. At home and on the move. Linking ease of use to design? That even happens at your front door!

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Theft protection

A DoorBird intercom prevents more thefts than an alarm system. Simple: thieves press the doorbell to check who is present. Wherever you are, your voice is always there.

Multiple contacts

DoorBird can contact 8 smartphones or tablets. Via push notifications, voice or video calls.

Accepting parcels

A package? Even if you are on the move, you can direct the delivery service to your neighbours or open your garage door remotely. Worldwide, this system already exists in 160 countries.


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