system integrator of Samsung

Systeemintegrator off Samsung

Commercial TV solutions

Integration at home is the system integrator of Samsung.  Samsung commercial TVs allow businesses, hotels and healthcare institutions to easily deliver information across multiple TVs, provide personalised viewing experiences and implement scalable solutions with our ecosystem of system integrators.

Centralised content management

Unlike consumer TVs, Samsung Hospitality TVs are compatible with content management solutions, allowing you to control content on TVs from one central location.

Warranty and services

Consumer TVs have shorter warranties (i.e. 90 days), which can be invalidated if the TV is used commercially. Our Hospitality TVs usually come with an extended two-year warranty and service from technicians who are familiar with hospitality needs.

Security and control functions

Unlike consumer TVs, Hospitality TVs come with lockable functions to prevent tampering by guests. They also have the Digital Rights Management (DRM) encryption technology to quickly implement and protect premium content.

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Samsung TVs for hotels

Samsung hotel TVs provide your guests with a first-class in-room entertainment experience. With our SMART TV series, guests can watch films and TV from streaming services, view social networking sites and even push content from personal devices to the big screen – everything they need for a 1st class stay.

Samsung TVs in healthcare

Samsung TVs improve the experience of a hospital stay for both patients and family members. This is due to HD entertainment, access to social networks and a way to view condition-related educational material.

Samsung Pro TV: a stunning business 4K TV with customisable features
Simply captivating

Make lasting impressions with brilliant Crystal UHD picture quality.

Do more with your Pro TV

A high-performance TV that won’t let you or your customers down.

Quick and easy

Set up your TV quickly and easily with customised content.

Powerful Crystal UHD picture quality

The Pro TV delivers a super-sharp and clear picture that is 4x more powerful than the resolution of Full HD. Crystal UHD takes your content to the next level by delivering more accurate and smoother colours.

Experience brilliant colours now

See colours as they are meant to be seen. With an ultra-fast Crystal 4K processor, content is displayed in brilliant 4K, no matter what the source.

Every detail matters

Your customers want to know exactly what it looks like. With Samsung’s Pro TV with high dynamic range, you can show every detail in a wide spectrum of colours.

Sleek and modern

With a super-thin bezel, Samsung’s Pro TV leaves more room for your content.


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