System integrator of Procella Audio

Immersive Speaker Systems

Integration at Home is the system integrator of Procella Audio.  Procella Audio… a dream of a brand for Integration at Home. Whether it’s colourful tones or throbbing bass, Procella Audio brings out the best in every sound. Amplifiers, speakers, subwoofers and also your home cinema get a sophisticated sound layer, thanks to Procella Audio.

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Surround sound… is overal.

Surround sound is not an invention, it is something natural. A storm contains all tones: from bass to treble. A storm can be silent and loud. And when the storm subsides, it is waiting for the silence to be broken by the birds singing again.

Procella produces

Procella Audio produces sound and life. Classical, rock or blockbuster, our sound takes you with it.


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