System integrator of Triad Speakers


The most beautiful sound you may never see.

Integration At Home is the system integrator of Triad Speakers.  Triad… ‘Try it‘, says Integration At Home. Triad Speakers are the max in your home cinema experience. Image important? Agreed! But only if it is supported by great sound. Hear it, feel it, love it.

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Perfected sound

Triad, high-end loudspeakers as a unique solution for sound issues in your environment. ‘Good enough’… is not good enough for Triad. The sound has to be perfect, and that is possible with a Triad loudspeaker for every application.

Stylised sound

It is not only the sound quality that counts. Also the design, the integrated installation and our service. Our products and services are stylised in all aspects, from sound to service.


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