System integrator of Gallo Acoustics

Gallo Acoustics thinks a little differently.

Integration at home is the system integrator for Gallo Acoustics. Gallo Acoustics does not make ordinary loudspeakers. You will not find conventional boxy designs in our line-up. Not for stylistic or superficial aesthetic reasons, but purely because we believe there is a better way.

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For more than 20 years, the name Gallo has been synonymous with spherical loudspeaker design. Our acclaimed products are designed around spheres, eliminating resonance and internal diffraction, the two main causes of loudspeaker distortion.

Very simple. We produce the world’s best compact speaker systems, combining true hi-fi performance with contemporary industrial design. Packaged in an installation- and décor-friendly package, it guarantees exceptional, expansive sound for large and small rooms.

Design philosophy and technologies

Spherical design. Since our inception, our trademark has been the use of spherical enclosures in our loudspeaker designs. The Nucleus Solo, our first speaker design, began as a solid aluminium disc that was then spun into a hollow 12-inch ball. The spheres were then placed in an electrolytic bath, which formed a hard shell that really stuck to the metal. This anodisation process gives our enclosures the mechanical properties of ceramics, one of the most acoustically inert materials on earth. This combination of spherical geometry and anodised aluminium construction made this enclosure virtually free from resonance and diffraction, the two main causes of loudspeaker distortion. Similarly, the properties of heat-treated and powder-coated steel give our smaller, 4″ Micro and 5″ A’Diva speakers the same enclosure characteristics.

Tailor-made colour service

Our spectrum customised colour service for Micro, A’Diva and Droplet opens up an almost infinite range of choices. Simply tell us your desired colour from the RAL or Pantone libraries. Or even a paint code from manufacturers such as Dulux, Farrow and Ball or Crown and let us match it. We can even reproduce a colour from a sample of wallpaper or fabric.

Droplet custom service

With our Droplet pendant loudspeaker, the customisation possibilities go further. We supply 2 metres of Italian-made cable and black and white ceiling caps with every Droplet speaker. We understand that some projects require a little more flexibility. Therefore, we offer a range of 9 standard cable colours and finishes, including black, white, red, silver, gold, red/black, bronze, black/white and gunmetal. We can also produce Droplet speakers in any cable length. Let us know your wishes.


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