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Focal, world leader in high fidelity solutions

Integration at home is Focal’s system integrator.  Focal strives to create sound equipment that honours the musical creation of the artist and allows the listener to feel a new dimension of the music.  Focal wants every nuance to be revealed with precision and purity.

With an out of the box approach, Focal pushes the boundaries of current sound technology.

Focal sound stimulates the senses, goes beyond the usual perception of music and discovers new areas of emotion.

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Home Audio

High-fidelity Speakers

Let music enter the intimacy of your lounge. Your home will be filled with new acoustics You will finally discover the true harmonic richness of your favourite music.

Home Theater

Your home cinema is about to enter a new era. Give your high definition screen the sound it deserves, with sound effects that are both refined and powerful, without being overwhelming. You used to watch films, now you hear them.

Multimedia and Wireless

Elegant and discreet. Focal miniature loudspeakers offer you sound quality and finesse. Dôme and Sib are benchmark speakers that are useful on any occasion. A responsible investment.

High-fidelity Speakers
Utopia III Evo

Evo stands for evolution… Since 2008, when Utopia III was launched, Focal’s technological heritage has grown enormously. Therefore, it was essential to integrate the latest innovations into this exceptional collection. For endless fun…


Sopra reveals the invisible, the essence of the music… The harmonious richness fills the room like never before. The pursuit of sleek design will please lovers of design and sound. Sopra opens a gateway to a world of new sensations and emotions…


Kanta introduces a new vision for the Premium speaker!  The uncompromising design focuses entirely on acoustic performance, with highly sophisticated finishes.  Give your music incredible style!

Aria 900

Treat yourself to real high-end acoustics. Aria’s harmonic richness is the guarantee of hi-fi music. With its natural, clean design and unique speaker cones made of flax, it is a feast for the eyes and ears.

Aria K2

Iconic cone and high-quality finish. The Aria K2 line meets music and home cinema listening requirements with performance and style.


Focal designed the Chora range to make high fidelity accessible to as many people as possible. These speakers bring Focal technology to all music lovers who crave quality sound and appreciate sleek, trendy design. They are guaranteed to find the best product in this price category.

Chorus 700

Focal created the Chorus range to make hi-fi widely accessible. Chorus brings Focal technologies into the homes of music lovers who want to experience real, high-quality sound. They will certainly find the best product in this price range, one that has been specially designed for them.

Audio-Video Processor and Amplifier

Astral 16 lets you get the most out of your hi-fi speakers, thanks to its 16 channels (12 of which are amplified) and numerous functions. This high-quality electronic device, manufactured in France, offers a sensational, immersive experience in your own home.


Create the bass tone that flatters your music and movie soundtracks, just as they deserve. Awaken emotions and sensations, thanks to powerful, structured and deep bass. For an extreme home cinema experience.

Home Theater

Dôme is as much fun to see as it is to hear! Designed as a spotlight of the audio world, this series will enhance your home cinema installation. Het compacte, elegante ontwerp en de hoge prestaties maken het de perfecte metgezel voor uw passie voor de zevende kunst.

Sib Evo

Discover Sib Evo, the new generation of Sib & Co speakers. With Dolby Atmos® technology producing sound effects from the ceiling, this line revolutionises the world of home cinema. Herontdek de films zoals u ze nog nooit eerder heeft gehoord.

Multimedia and Wireless
Wireless Subwoofer

Choose an active subwoofer in your stereo system. The wireless technology makes integration into interiors easy and removes all restrictions due to cable length!

Wireless Solutions

Choose full freedom for your music… and for yourself! Easya is a solution for unlimited lazing at home and changing your mood and music taste in the blink of an eye! Don’t hesitate, stroll around without moderation!

Custom-made solutions

1000 Serie

The 1000 Series range offers outstanding excellence and embodies the unique knowledge of the Focal brand. Exclusive technologies, unrivalled performance, multiple configurations and French craftsmanship. With its seven products, including two Utopia models, the range promises sensational stereo and home cinema reproduction.

300 Serie

The 300 series built-in speakers are designed to be invisible and bring a new dimension to your music. Whether in a stereo or home cinema set-up. With its precise and natural sound, it is ideal for creating an all-encompassing atmosphere. He opens up a world of unprecedented depth of emotion.

100 Serie

The 100 Series line offers a concrete solution for your sound system at home or at work. Exceptionally discreet, music becomes part of your everyday life.

On Wall 300

Designed for stereo and home cinema use. The allure of the On Wall 300 speakers lies in their sleek design, bevelled silhouette, flared cone and incredible sound.


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