System integrator of Meljac


French manufacturer of high-quality electrical equipment

Integration at home is Meljac’s system integrator.  Today, 80 employees support the company with the same passion as André Bousquet, who has always been very loyal to his human values. Positioned as the market leader, the company operates on the international stage and is known for the quality of its products and its custom-made creations.

The metamorphosis of material requires time, attention and care. Meljac takes care of this and makes every effort to ensure that each style deserves its signature.

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Classic collection
The nobility of brass, a sleek and sophisticated design

Inspired by the Art of Living of the 1930s, recognisable by its “water drop” switch, the oldest of the Meljac series is known for its simplicity with its bevelled shapes. The timeless design of the Classique collection fits into any room and matches every style of interior decoration.

Solaris collection
A tactile and elegant design

Developed in collaboration with Australian designer Marc Newson, the Solaris collection features updated curved edges, a new slim, flattened knob and a recessed concave push button.

The contrast between the brushed brass finish of the plate and the glossy black base of the switch accentuates its elegant lines.

Ellipse collection
Contemporary design

This brass range shows all the savoir-faire of Meljac. The switches in the Ellipse collection have a straight lever with a rectangular backlit base. The plates with straight edges, available for other functions, add a touch of modernity.

Volumes collection
Elegant shapes and reliefs

Each version of the Volumes collection reflects the constant technical evolution. Meljac’s savoir-faire is used to form blocks of solid brass, creating curves and elegant lines. These authentic sculptures are exceptional pieces that fit beautifully into an interior with character.

Pierrot Collection
The transparency of glass with the brilliance of colour

Pierrot’s switches and sockets are appreciated for their freshness. They fit perfectly in bedrooms and bathrooms and add a splash of colour. Soft or sparkling, the colours are enhanced by the transparency of the tempered glass.

Collective fluted
Sensibility and design

The fruit of our collaboration with Jean-Michel Wilmotte. The solid brass of the Cannelée collection has an innovative wavy surface finish that creates a regular wave pattern. The light plays on the hand-finished patina and creates the effect of movement.

Damier collection
Clean lines

The Damier collection has embossed or recessed pushbuttons (12V) on copper plates, with no visible screws to maintain a clean line.
Often used to control home automation systems, these forms are the essential items in a sophisticated and automated interior.

Sol Collection
The aesthetic solution

Mounted in a solid brass block, the Sol collection provides IP44 standard lid sealing, certified by an international patent. The range is available in single, double or quadruple versions that can be installed flush with the floor to combine aesthetics and functionality.

Elliot Collection
Non-contact detection

With its non-contact detection cavity, Elliot brings state-of-the-art technology to luxury buildings. These models, with adjustable sound and backlight, can control the light, activate a doorbell or activate an intercom.

Limoges collection
The delicacy of porcelain

The porcelain styles of Limoges portray the delicacy of the biscuit-fired or enamelled material. They can be tinted or hand-painted, making them unique pieces of craftsmanship.


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